Tuesday, 13 September 2011

My Very First Attempt at Sewing

When I started sewing just over 2 years ago, my friends thought it was hilarious. You see, I was the one at school that had the messiest handwriting and was very average at art and craft. I'm also the one who is renowned for being messy in everything I do - messy desk, trashed kitchen, very untidy bedroom. My old boss once was incredulous that such a germ-a-phobe could be so incredibly messy! Guilty on both of those counts!

But after 10 months of new mamahood, I was FINALLY in the swing of looking after my little boy and my career was on hold for quite a lot longer and I just needed something interesting to do.  A new challenge. Yes, I was officially a bored housewife! Kind of embarrassing, but really, I knew I was lucky to be in that position and before I knew it the kids would be at school and I'd be back in the workforce, so decided to enjoy it.

I was inspired initially by one of my favourite blogs http://lovelydesign.blogspot.com/ who had made these gorgeous goody bags for her daughter's birthday party. I decided to make these for my boy's first birthday.  I asked my mum to babysit once a week while I learned how to sew on my Nana's 20+ year old sewing machine and over-locker.

My sewing teacher thought I cut lots of corners and only wanted results as opposed to quality and I can't argue with her! I definitely go for effect rather than perfection. I am a burn and churn type of person.  And let's get serious, I was making calico goody bags for a bunch of kids - did they really care if my seams were messy & falling apart or if I used ribbon instead of a home sewn tie? Nup. They wanted the ball and the cake!

Here is my finished product - the letter on the front is the name of each child coming to the party.


Inside I put a little ball, some crayons, a notepad, a colourful peg, a party blower, some milk & white chocolate chip biscuits and a mini cupcake in a plastic pail.

All ready for the party!

I didn't care what my sewing teacher thought of my close up quality, I had so much fun making these and I think the overall effect was great.  I was slightly embarrassed at the party that I had put so much time in to these (ie bored housewife stereotype) but at least I'd done something productive with my idle hands!!!

Love Amy xoxo


  1. Great idea! Love what you've done. Might have to have a go myself!

  2. Thanks Jo. It was really cheap & quick. I was lucky to have an old sewing machine to use from my Nana. I love seeing something on a blog that I like and then attempt to recreate it.xo

  3. Wow, they're the best goody bags I've ever seen! WANT!

  4. Thanks lovely! If you've got a PO box, DM me your address & I'll make one for bubby when he/she arrives!xo

  5. Holy moly-impressive! Plus I love a goodie bag that is not all lolls-I really like the thought you obviously put in to the treats inside.

  6. Thanks lovely K! I figured the kids were little enough to not need actual lollies but enjoy home made biscuits and cakes...and for the really little ones, the parents could eat the sweet stuff, but the kids could play with the ball & crayons. Not sure it would cut it with older kids though!xo

  7. Amelia {Weddings, Babies... Everything}14 September 2011 at 12:52

    Amy these are fantastic!! I may have to copy this idea and do something similar for my little girl's 2nd birthday. :) xx

  8. Oh thanks Amelia! Please do! I love all the sharing of ideas on blogs. These were very simple to make. Let me know if you want any tips. There are instructions on the lovelydesign blog but I adapted them to make them even easier for a non sewer!xoxo

  9. These are so cool! If I had time...and a sewing machine I'd totally do the same for the Bebito's party! I love your first attempt at sewing. xxx

  10. These are great! I didn't know you were a reformed hopeless sewer! Me too, except I'm not reformed, yet! :P It's on my list as something to learn.

    Look forward to reading more on your blog Amy!